Rotterdammers conquer the eve of NPO1

From August 31, Fidan Ekiz and Renze Klamer will present a new talk show together on NPO1. The two presenters confirmed this on Twitter. The Rotterdam duo takes over the time slot of De Wereld Draait Door on behalf of BNNVARA, which ended in March.

“Oh, Lord, say it ain’t so! Two Rotterdammers in one show!”, Fidan Ekiz tweeted Saturday afternoon when the news about her new program has been announced. Ekiz (44) was born in Rozenburg and her colleague Renze Klamer (31) in Rotterdam.

After her studies, Fidan Ekiz started working as a journalist at Rotterdams Dagblad. She also worked as a correspondent in Istanbul, Turkey, before moving to television. She worked as an editor, but increasingly as a presenter and maker of documentaries. Since March she presented the Op1 program together with Jeroen Pauw. Pauw let Saturday in De Telegraaf know that he is proud of her. “Fidan has flair, humor and self-deprecation. A smart woman who seeks debate rather than walks away from it.”

Renze Klamer studied economics and started as an intern at the Evangelische Omroep in 2009. He also started working there after his internship. From 2010 he was presenter of several programs on television and radio at the EO, including Dit is de Dag. In 2018 he switched to BNNVARA. There too Klamer presented on television and radio, including this summer on NPO1 ‘Laat op Vrijdag’.

The new BNNVARA program has no name yet. “We are still in the development phase,” says Renze Klamer. All details will be revealed during the presentation of the new TV season on August 25. One thing is certain, according to Klamer: the program will be launched on August 31 and can be seen daily between 19:00 and 20:00.


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