Roukiata Ouedraogo and Aude Massot, from Paris to Ouaga

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The actress Roukiata Ouedraogo and the designer Aude Massot publish “Ouagadougou in a hurry”. A comic book full of humor that takes us to Burkina Faso in the middle of a whole gallery of colorful characters.

Roukiata Ouedraogo and Aude Massot publish a lively album, funny and colorful, relevant and sassy, ​​populated by characters all more endearing than the others. We meet a few more or less well-intentioned gossips but also a few street vendors sometimes a little clumsy or even a hairdresser looking like a second mother, a chicotter father nicknamed “bad dog” and braisers of chickens riding a bicycle alongside an unlicensed taxi driver who runs on gas with the bottle on the roof of his car and many other characters so human they are funny.

They all tell us a story: that of Roukiata Ouedraogo, who, in her maid’s room in the Parisian district of Château-Rouge, prepares her suitcase for her native country of Burkina Faso. Or rather his suitcases, because in these cases we have to face the facts: we rarely travel light.

“Ouagadougou in a hurry” by Roukiata Ouedraogo and Aude Massot has been published by Sarbacane editions.

Baptiste Antoine asked some of RFI’s collaborators to imagine the meanings of tasty African expressions in comics.

Reportage : Charlotte Simonart became interested in a cult television program: the XYZ Show. A satirical political show that features puppets, directly inspired by the late French show “Les Guignols de l’Info”. Key players in Kenyan and international society are ridiculed there. The program was launched in 2009 in Kenya and has been part of the country’s culture ever since.


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