ROUNDUP: Biden takes leadership in Georgia


WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) – In the race for the White House, Trump challenger Joe Biden has taken the lead in Georgia after a long race to catch up. If Biden manages to stay at the top in the state with 16 voters, it could be a decisive development. Because without Georgia, President Donald Trump would not have the number of 270 voters necessary for an election victory – even if he prevailed in all still open states. The races in Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are also open.

On early Friday morning (local time), the former Vice President Biden in Georgia was according to election data at times with 917 votes ahead of Trump, as reported by CNN. Since election day on November 3rd, Biden has caught up more than 300,000 votes. The count was almost complete – but there could still be a few thousand votes from military personnel, among others.

Biden would secure the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election, should he win Georgia and confirm his success in Arizona. The AP news agency and the TV broadcaster Fox News had already slammed Arizona into the Democrats. Other media were still holding back.

Trump was able to secure the votes of the 16 electorate in Georgia in 2016 with a good five percentage points ahead of Hillary Clinton. Georgia has been more inclined to the Republicans in recent years: no Democrat had won the state since Bill Clinton in 1992.

Biden’s victory in Georgia would thus also put a damper on the wave of lawsuits against an election defeat threatened by Trump. Because in Georgia, Republicans provide, among other things, the governor and central office holders as well as the majority in both chambers of parliament. The president’s claims that in states like Pennsylvania, Democrats fraudulently stole his victory from high office do not work in the Georgia case. There is no evidence of election fraud in the other states either, as those responsible for elections and US broadcasters have repeatedly made clear.

In Pennsylvania, the incumbent’s lead dropped to around 22,500 votes. The state with its 20 voters could decide the election for Biden alone.

Meanwhile, Trump confirmed on Twitter in the middle of the night that, from his point of view, with the “legally” cast votes, he had won the election with ease. The President had previously claimed in a White House appearance that the Democrats were trying to fraudulently steal his victory. Twitter immediately gave the tweet a warning that the post could contain misleading information. / Scb / so / DP / mis


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