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ROVs are born, hydrogen cars for ecological adventures




The development team of
has devised for the ROV concept. The car features the hallmark of an off-road vehicle, with exposed suspension, protective cage and robust tires suitable for driving on rough and muddy roads. Its dimensions are: 3,120 mm (length), 1,725 ​​mm (width), 1,800 mm (height).

Designers have created a body that is capable of protecting passengers, incorporating the iconic Lexus grille and maintaining sufficient travel for the front suspension. In addition, the front fenders have been designed to protect the occupants from the mud and the gravel of the ground.

The suspension cover, connected to the rear hydrogen fuel tank, protects the functional parts. Dark bronze painting it has been worked with great careas well as the lightweight bodywork and suspension designed to benefit both comfort and off-road fun.

The headlights and taillights with the Lexus’ L ‘and the LEXUS insignia express Lexus’ next-generation language.

For its part, the interior – based on the Tazuna concept – features a simple counter that instantly reads the information the driver needs while concentrating on driving.

The new concept exhibits, both inside and out, incredible design quality with the premium look never seen before in an ROV. Quality details include the leather steering wheel and sculpted gear shift knob, as well as the seats, upholstered in strong and durable synthetic leather, which incorporate suspension elements that soften the rattle of the trip. In addition, despite the demands of off-road driving, Lexus’ first hydrogen internal combustion engine meets all the stringent manufacturer requirements for Quietness, Durability, Reliability – Quietness, Durability, Reliability. ).

Works with hydrogen

This hydrogen-powered ROV concept is the result of Lexus’ ambition to preserve true off-road driving pleasure in the future low-carbon society. The 1.0-liter hydrogen engine works the same as a fuel engine, but with a high pressure tank for compressed hydrogen that is released precisely by means of a direct hydrogen injector. Most importantly, Lexus’ new hydrogen engine produces close to zero emissions, with negligible amount of engine oil that is burned while driving.

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