Royal Divorce Rumors: Will Meghan and Harry Separate? Get the Latest Scoop on Their Marriage

2023-06-08 17:49:50

Meghan and Harry will they separate? There is even talk of divorce. In the 6/8Queeny takes stock of the various rumors.

The Anglo-Saxon tabloids are going crazy, and everyone is going about their little rumor. Some say that Harry would have already left home. Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell says if Harry is still at home it’s only for the two children. But had a prenuptial agreement been signed between the two at the time of the marriage?

In general prenups are quite common among celebrity families. But in royal families, marriage contracts would not be made for a long time. And Harry, convinced that their union would last, would have refused to have Meghan sign such a document. according to a Daily Mail article.

Yet Queen Elizabeth has seen many divorces in her immediate family during her reign, especially among her three children Anne, Charles and Andrew. And a huge fortune could be at stake. To take another example, that of Kate and William would be between 24 and 40 million dollars.

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