Royals post rare video of George, Charlotte, and Louis

Updated on October 4th, 2020, 1:44 pm

Like many other boys and girls, Prince Williams and Duchess Catherine’s children are extremely curious. In a video they asked the well-known naturalist Sir David Attenborough questions – and the network is enthusiastic about the clip.

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The royal offspring take their own first steps: in a new one Video put Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prinz Louis one each Question about wildlife to the 94 year old naturalist Sir David Attenborough. Many users are enthusiastic – because they have never heard the voices of the three children before.

The clip was on the official Twitter account of the parents from George, Charlotte and Louis, Prince William and Duchess Kate, released. “Sir David Attenborough, we have some questions for you,” they wrote.

First is Prince George turn. The seven-year-old stands in front of a hedge and asks in a self-confident voice: “Hello David Attenborough, which animal do you think will become extinct next?” Attenborough replies that he hopes no more species become extinct. “Because there are many things we can do when animals are threatened with extinction. We can protect them.”

Then surprised Princess Charlotte with her question: “I like spiders. Do you like spiders too?” “I love spiders. I’m glad that you like them too,” the naturalist replies enthusiastically.

Graduates Prinz Louis. The youngest wants to know which animals Attenborough likes. “I think I like monkeys best,” said the 94-year-old.

“The cutest video I’ve ever seen”

The Fans are from the sugar-sweet question and answer clip excited. “This is the cutest video I’ve ever seen” or “I’m melting, this is just wonderful. Well done kids! And Sir David is great,” you can read in the comments, among other things.

British wildlife filmmaker and naturalist Sir David Attenborough, the brother of director and actor Richard Attenborough, became known for his award-winning nature documentaries. The trilogy is one of his best-known series “Life on Earth”, “The Living Planet” and “Games of Life”. The documentaries were produced on behalf of BBC.
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Actually, they are among the favorites of Royal fans. But now Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate are getting a shit storm. Teaser image: imago images / PA Images

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