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“I did not cause this mess,” said the PVV leader on the latter subject. He thought the statement by Prime Minister and VVD party leader Rutte that we should better defend ourselves against health crises in the long term ‘hypocrisy at the top’. He listed the closed hospitals, emergency posts and IC units. He accused the coalition parties VVD, CDA and D66 of having ‘given’ 43 billion euros to Southern Europe instead of putting it into healthcare.

“Mr Wilders is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts,” CDA leader Hoekstra defended the cabinet policy. D66 leader Kaag cautiously criticized the cabinet’s choice to draw when all intensive care units are full and all considerations based on survival chances have been made. “Politics should not sit in the doctor’s seat.” Furthermore, Kaag, for whom it was the first TV debate as party leader, preached cooperation.

GL leader Klaver also played that card „Blaming each other, it doesn’t fit. We need each other to get through the crisis. ”

Black Pete

The difference between Wilders and the rest was also expressed in the statement about making politics more diverse with a mandatory quota. The PVV party leader proposed to make Zwarte Piet Minister for Culture. “That is not possible,” exclaimed Kaag. According to her, Zwarte Piet is ‘a painful symbol for many Dutch people’. “You enjoy hurting people. Now you come again with that pathetic Zwarte Piet. ”

Rutte is against diversity quotas. “The trend is good. I notice that in my own party. ” He attacked Wilders on the fact that he is against Khadija Arib as President of the Chamber, just because she also has a Moroccan passport. Hoekstra also does not want to determine in advance ‘with a compass’ how diverse the next cabinet should be. But it will.


According to Klaver, the benefits affair would not have occurred if there had been people in the cabinet who had experienced discrimination themselves. To underscore the blessing of diversity, he said that Ronald Koeman would not be successful at the European Championship next summer if he only lined up players with European roots. He had apparently missed the fact that Koeman is no longer the national coach.

It was one of the few slips in the debate, in which, in addition to Mark Rutte (VVD), Geert Wilders (PVV), Wopke Hoekstra (CDA), Sigrid Kaag (D66), Jesse Klaver (GL) and SP leader Lilian Marijnissen also participate. They were chosen on the basis of their current number of seats and the forecast of the Peilingwijzer. PvdA leader Lilianne Ploumen is left out of this choice.

Climate and nuclear energy

Klaver was the odd one out on the subject of climate, because his party wants to go further than the CO reduction prescribed by the climate agreement. Rutte calls it “Overtakes”. You don’t get people on board with that. Hoekstra thinks that Klaver’s aversion to nuclear energy should get ‘behind his ideological wall’. Rutte, Hoekstra and Wilders argued for more nuclear energy to achieve the climate goals. Klaver called Rutte and Hoekstra liars, because they say they want to achieve the climate goals with the help of nuclear energy. That will not be possible at all in the next ten years, said the GL leader. “There is a lie here.”

Surcharge affair

Rutte had a difficult time when he received a question from benefit parent Kristie Rongen. “You have abandoned me, and all for your own gain.” “Very special that we are standing here like this,” responded Rutte, who indicated that he had ‘reflected’ on his political fate. “This is such a disgrace.” Yet under his responsibility ‘a lot has gone well’. That was the deciding factor for him to continue.

First time

It was the first TV debate for Kaag and Hoekstra. For the first time, an election debate is being translated live by two sign language interpreters. There is no audience in the room. There is, however, an audience that watches via video connections.

On Friday, thirteen party leaders of the NPO were already debating on Radio 1. This included health care, education, security, integration and finance. In that radio debate, among others, VVD leader Rutte and CDA leader Hoekstra clashed about election promises and budget cuts. D66’er Kaag and Wilders of the PVV got to grips with the climate.

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