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RTP servers predict bumpy winter on MMO

For those who don’t know, New World had unveiled last month the arrival of the public test realm. In short, these are servers for testing future novelties in the game so that the development team can test them in real conditions and correct them while collecting feedback from players.

If the last event signaled the previous arrival of the Nothingness Gauntlet, this session highlights the next events relating to Christmas and the winter period in general. We invite you to briefly summarize what should happen to the MMO ofAmazon during this month of December.

Il neige en Forever

Like many MMOs, New World decides to organize multiple events for the Christmas party. Here called the Winter Convergence, a simili of Santa Claus will therefore appear in Aeternum. Indeed the Yeti, or nomad of winter, will engage in a merciless war against the warrior of Winter since the latter wishes to establish an eternal Winter. Different resources will appear during this event and can be exchanged for winter items including decorations, weapons, rare items and cosmetics.

It will then be possible to collect winter marks by performing repeated in-game events, to find lost gifts all over the map and pick up de la flashing during the coruscant rains which will occur randomly at night. To finish on the news related to this time of year, ice caves will appear and will be the cradle of many creatures determined to freeze the whole island. Players and factions will then have to cooperate to close each of these loopholes.

This new update also has new more classic content including the arrival of new side quests and a new high level resource called gypsum that can be acquired by performing different daily activities. We also note that the pvp system has undergone a new balancing patch, and that the High Water Mark system has been renamed “Expertise” and, like the profession system, has been subject to numerous modifications. all detailed at this link.

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