RTX 3060 mining limit is cracked again, use HDMI virtual display to mine multiple full loads

Last week NVIDIA blew up to unlock RTX 3060 Ethereum mining limitIt’s really a big injury… Although only a single sheet restores the maximum mining power, multiple sheets will still reduce 50%, but since the most difficult lifting of mining restrictions is gone, of course smart miners will find out quickly The solution, as long as through the HDMI virtual display, you can achieve multiple mining with the highest computing power, which means that the RTX 3060 has also fallen, and you will have to wait to buy it in the future.

RTX 3060 mining restrictions cracked again

According to a foreign media Tom’s Hardware report, although the official driver of NVIDIA RTX 3060 broke the mining restrictions by itself last week, if you want to mine multiple RTX 3060s at the same time, there are still some restrictions, such as a PCIe 3.0 x8 slot interface and a graphics card. Also need to connect HDMI or DisplayPort monitor.

The former is fairly easy, just find a motherboard with enough PCIe 3.0 x8 slots, it should be pretty easy to find on the market. The latter is more troublesome. Normally, if you use 4 RTX 3060s, you must prepare 4 monitors, which is very expensive.

However, someone found that NVIDIA is not very smart in detecting the driver of an external display. It cannot distinguish between true and false, which means that even if it is an HDMI virtual display of more than 100 yuan, there is no problem.South Korea Quasar Zone ForumAbove, a user also shared the actual measurement results.

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After unlocking, the mining power of each RTX 3060 ether coin is about 48MH/s. He uses 4 cards in total, which is equivalent to reaching 192MH/s, and the mining platform is still 2013 Haswell, Intel Pentium G3220 processor With Gigabyte G1.Sniper 5 motherboard:

However, these 4 RTX 3060s are very close, and heat dissipation may be problematic after long-term operation:

So this also means that RTX 3060 can also mine multiple cards at the same time! NVIDIA’s main mining limit is completely useless. It can be cracked with only the 470.05 beta driver, a motherboard with multiple PCIe 3.0 x8 slots, and an HDMI virtual display. This is really bad news for players.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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