Rubbish container fire series cleared: Two young people are in custody

The series of garbage can fires in the city of Salzburg continued on Sunday night. Only two guys were caught in the act.

After extensive investigations, the police in the city of Salzburg succeeded in clearing up a series of burnings in garbage cans. On Sunday night, two young people were arrested in Salzburg-Taxham when they set fire to two garbage containers next to an apartment building. The 14-year-old Austrian and the 15-year-old Albanian are strongly suspected of having started a total of 27 fires between November 1st and 22nd. The two tried to escape but were arrested. You are suspected of having started various fires and committed burglaries. On November 13, officials met the two of them during a fire in Salzburg-Taxham. At that time, the fire spread to a Telekom distribution box, but could be quickly extinguished by the Salzburg professional fire brigade.

After the initial investigations were completed, the accused were transferred to the Salzburg prison by order of the Salzburg public prosecutor. The investigations into other suspects, the exact causes of the fire, the course of events and any other criminal acts as well as the focus on surveillance of the urban area are still ongoing. Nobody has been harmed in the fires that have been started. In addition to criminal liability, the accused must expect compensation for damage and reimbursement of the costs of the operation. The extent of the property damage is currently still being investigated.

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