Ruben pedaled 26,000 kilometers and was quarantined in an Angolan paradise

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For a year and a half, Ruben Alonso Elorza cycled 26,000 kilometers across Africa, traveling 17 countries, but the covid-19 pandemic ended the adventure of the traveler, who has lived on a paradisiacal Angolan beach for more than two months.

The Basque, 47, started his journey in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, where he arrived by plane in October 2018. From there, he rode his bicycle Sudan, crossed the Ethiopia, O Kenya, O Uganda, O Rwanda and the Tanzania, took a leap to Zanzibar, passed by Malawi and for Zambia, scrolled Zimbabwe, traveled by Mozambique, entered Eswatini, in the Lesotho and South Africa and came to Angola from the Namibia.



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