Rublev on whether it’s possible to beat Djokovic at AO-2023: “Of course it’s possible. Anyone can be beaten.” – Tennis

Andrey Rublev commented on the defeat Novak Djokovic in 1/4 finals Australian Open – 1:6, 2:6, 4:6.

– Paying tribute to Djokovic, what did not work out specifically for you today?

– Probably, there were a lot of moments when, with the score “over”, “under”, either I make a little mistake in a small out, or he plays great, hits the line, or there will be a cable at an important moment. Or I will guess everything, run after the shortened one and hit the elementary ball. Or like at a break point, when I did everything and got into a small out. There were a lot of such moments in the first two sets and in the first game of the third set.

After that, a more or less stable game began, where we both naturally take our serves. But the first two sets are “exactly”, “more”, “less” all the time.

In fact, it could have been the same in the other direction, even if 50/50 would have been better. And then everything turned out in one direction, because of this, such an account turned out. I don’t think the score was by the game, considering how many break points I had, how many times I had “over” on my serve, and so on …

– Why didn’t it work out at first, and on the same break points gave doubles, when, on the contrary, you need a serve that should help out?

– Of course, excitement, emotions, but I wanted to take a chance. I understood that just going 120-130 km/h was not the right opponent to deal with. We must already try to do what other best players do, the same Novak delivers 170-180 km / h in many moments. As a result, it seems like 15:30 and the second serve, but due to the fact that he serves it strongly, at best you accept it and a rally is tied, but the initiative is rarely there.

It’s time to start adding in the second serve, it’s already getting better, but you need more and more.

– Do you think it is possible to beat such a Novak and at such an important tournament for him?

– I think, of course, it is possible. It is possible to beat anyone, – the correspondent quotes Rublev Maxim Yanchevsky.

Rublev took only 7 games from Djokovic in the 1/4 finals of the Australian Open. Novak is a monster

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