Ruby hits her audience with her age… and “my family boycotted me because of the dance”

A great controversy caused by the Egyptian singer Ruby, after talking about the position of those close to her regarding her songs, the number of crises she faced at the beginning, as well as her revealing of her true age.

Ruby revealed in a television interview in which she appeared on Thursday evening, that she is 40 years old, and that she does not find embarrassment in disclosing the matter, as she was talking about the songs that she presented at the beginning of her artistic career, and how she was bold at the time, especially as she was dancing with joy as if she were at her home. .

But if she presents these songs now when she is in her 40s, it will be normal and in line with the times, but her age is a shocking cause for the audience, which made her advise girls to drink a lot of water to maintain their health.

because of the dance

Fame caused Ruby in several crises, especially in the beginning, where she confirmed that her lover left her because of the songs that she presented at the beginning of her artistic career, as he could not bear the reactions that affected her.

The matter did not stop at her lover, but all of her seven aunts boycotted her and her mother, accusing her of being crazy because of what she offers, but Ruby, after presenting the series “Women’s Prison”, decided to change her appearance, and not limit herself to dancing only.

She revealed that she had learned a lot from the attack she was subjected to, especially that she was not the same character that some were attacking, so she stopped for a while and worked again to develop herself.

It is mentioned that Ruby’s real name is Rania Hussein, and she belongs to Upper Egypt, and the late director Youssef Chahine was the one who chose the name “Ruby” for her, to be her artistic name, after he wanted to call her “Sahar”, but she refused it.

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