“Ruby” Korean R&D team’s new work “The Last One Month” launches early access to “The Last One Month”

“Red Ruby Stone)” South Korean game manufacturer L & K celebrated its 24th anniversary and recently launched a new online game on the Steam platform “The Last One Month(TLOM for short)” Early access.

L & K said that “TLOM” is a game that combines diversified elements such as fantasy worldview, battle royale, survival role-playing game, strategy, etc. The player is one of the 50 heroes who saved the world. In order to prevent the country from falling into chaos, the king called Many mercenaries and fighters were recruited, but only the hero who was selected in the end will face the Dark Lord himself…

The player will become one of the fifty fighters, taking turns in PVP, PVE and other types of battles, and find a way to become the hero who saves the kingdom. The player must become the selected hero in all necessary ways. You can go around the kingdom. Find treasures, ally with other fighters, or eliminate those who stand in the way.

The R&D team stated that, like other survival battle royale games, players have to become the last surviving person in the 30-minute battle. When entering the next game, they will start a brand new battle with other players.


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