Rude MLB Mets, Japanese Consul General “Completely Ignored” Case of Opening Ceremony Apologize in writing a week later, do you really apologize for this (1/4) | JBpress

Written apology a week later, do you really apologize for this?

Mets pitcher Max Scherzer (Photo: USA TODAY Sports / Reuters / Afro) who did not give up the mound to NY Consul General Mikio Mori, who was invited to the opening ceremony.

For the time being, it was calm. It’s a scandal that happened at MLB’s New York Mets-Seattle Mariners pre-match event, “Japanese Heritage Night,” on May 13, local time.

The match was played in Citi Field, home of the Mets, but it was unheard of for Consul General Mikio Mori of the Consulate-General of Japan in New York, who was planning to hold the opening ceremony before the play ball, to be unable to pitch even though he had walked up to the mound. Happening occurs. The Mets posted a statement on the MLB official website on the 20th to apologize for this.

Perhaps an apology “can’t help”?

In the text entitled “Mets statement,” the team apologized to Consul General Mori, “I sincerely apologize for making you feel uncomfortable.” He continued, “We are fully responsible for any problems caused by miscommunication of timing and process, and we hope that the Consul General and guests will be able to create a ceremony pitch opportunity in future games and come back. Masu “.

However, this is not the end of the curtain. It was a week after the Mets posted an apology after the series of turmoil. Normally, we should take a quicker response, and I do not understand that it will take so long. I know the United States is a country that doesn’t apologize easily, but that’s another matter.

From any point of view, this case is on the Mets side. It is very regrettable for the same Japanese to end up with an apology posted in just a few lines, although it was pulled by Gudaguda.

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