Rudy Gobert sees triple, LeBron in history

We had already preheated a little with the NBA All-Bubble Teams but we were still looking forward to having access to the full version of the game rather than the demo. It is now done with the three All-NBA Teams of this somewhat special 2019-20 season. Come on, now it’s good, you can moan!

Already, it is important to remember that the members of the jury used the whole of this campaign and not only the seeding games which took place in the bubble this summer. This is for those who are wondering where TJ Warren and Devin Booker went in the different five that follow. Then, it is clear that for once the positions were fairly well respected with the presence of a real big man in each of the three teams even if Anthony Davis is more of a 4. The Top 3 of each Conference has moreover at least one representative, which seems logical to reward players who weigh in franchises that win. A thought therefore for Bradley Beal or Zach LaVine who were snubbed twice for the same reason after the All-Star Game votes. Neither Stephen Curry nor Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant, too busy in the infirmary to appear here. So when we remove all these names, necessarily, it leaves room for others to be seen and complete already flashy CVs in order to negotiate a supermax soon or simply to make their way to the Hall of Fame within a few years. We’ve marinated you enough, so swing the sauce!

Cocorico, if you read it right to the end you will realize that Rudy Gobert has been awarded for the third year in a row. The double DPOY had to drop his statuette to Giannis Antetokounmpo this season during which he nevertheless discovered the all-star game and was once again selected among the top 15 players in the League. If we go back a little higher, we notice that a new kid has already entered a very select club. Luka Doncic will not be MVP in 2020 but he is already All-Star and member of the All-NBA First Team at 21 years old. A little more line in his already long CV like the arms of Giannis Antetokounmpo with whom he therefore shares a place in the best five in the same way as LeBron James, James Harden and Anthony Davis. The Greek and the King were also unanimously elected with 500 points or 100 first places from the voters, LBJ becoming the first player to appear 16 times in one of these teams in 17 seasons ahead of the 15 caps of Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The kind of stat that does business for those who call it the GOAT. Top scorer in the League for the third time in a row, the Houston beard is the best striker in the world and it is ultimately AD that crystallizes the attention, with some believing that Nikola Jokic would have deserved the honor more. Enough to promise us a nice little duel in the Conference final between the two since the Joker surprised everyone by allowing Denver to go up twice a 3-1 gap during these Playoffs.

In the All-NBA Second Team, the Serbian is teamed up with Kawhi Leonard, Damian Lillard, Chris Paul and Pascal Siakam. The latter took advantage of the departure of the MVP of the Finals to embrace the role of franchise player with great success if we forget his series against the Heat while CP3 would almost make Houston regret his trade since Russell Westbrook is only in the third team. . Finally, Jayson Tatum confirms his arrival at the greats like Ben Simmons while Jimmy Butler officially becomes the first barista to join an All-NBA Team. It is especially Spicy P and Benjamin Simmons who are rubbing their hands after this announcement, they who will receive a small salary bonus from next season. Conversely, Joel Embiid is still not eligible for an extension to the supermax and will have to bet everything on the next campaign, result of a very complicated season for the Cameroonian past 31 points to take his place at our national Rudy . Finally, Kyle Lowry might have deserved more consideration for his season, he who has changed status since the title in 2019 while the absence of Spurs and Warriors in these votes testifies to a small change of era. No trace of the Knicks either for those interested, but it was already more predictable (free that).

Voting details

No huge scandal to report this season but still some legitimate debates around these All-NBA Teams. You know the rest, we await your opinion in the comments to tell us that Alex Caruso and Zion Williamson were snubbed by the jury!

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