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The rugby and league one playoff tournament semi-finals were held at Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Osaka, and Suntory beat Toshiba 30 to 24 to advance to the final.

In the playoffs of rugby and league one, the top four teams in the league match will compete in a tournament format.

On the 21st, one semi-final match was held at Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, where Suntory, who ranked first in the league, and Toshiba, who ranked fourth in the league, played against each other.

Both teams are based in Fuchu City, Tokyo, and the match that attracted attention as “Fuchu Derby” was a development in which they competed with each other from the beginning, tying 17 to 17 in the first half.

In the second half, Suntory allowed a 7-point lead, including the first try, but then league scorer Damian McKenzie scored two long-distance penalty goals to close the gap by one point in the 19th minute. Captain Ryoto Nakamura made a comeback with a try.

Suntory continued to defend hard and did not score, winning 30 to 24 to advance to the final.

Another semi-final match will take place on the 22nd at the Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium in Tokyo, where Panasonic, who is second in the league, and Kubota, who is third in the league, will face each other.

Suntory Captain Nakamura “I want to finish with a smile”

Suntory captain Ryoto Nakamura said, “Toshiba was insanely strong, but everyone was able to perform their usual roles. If we lost, we were able to play without hassle. I’m really happy that the fans who came to Hanazono Rugby Stadium were able to have a satisfying match by sharing good points. “

And for the final, he was enthusiastic, “I want to show off dynamic and aggressive rugby in the final. I came here with the idea of ​​becoming the first champion of League One. I want to finish with a smile at the end with my friends.”

Mackenzie “The whole team has a good attack and defense”

Suntory’s Damian McKenzie said, “Today I had a good attack and a good defense for the team as a whole. My play was ok and I didn’t get a kick in the first half, but I was able to kick in a good area in the second half. I’m glad I beat the opponent who lost the league match last time. I don’t know who the final opponent is yet, but I’d like to prepare well for a week. “

Toshiba Ogawa Captain “There was a part that was not calm”

Toshiba captain Takahiro Ogawa said, “During the match, the opponent was playing calmly, but there was a part where we were not calm, and I think that the difference came out in the penalty etc. in the second half. Especially in the final stage. I suffered from a mistake in the lineout, but I could put pressure on my opponent if I could make a calm decision, such as choosing a position where I could win the ball. Next week, there will be a bronze medal match so I can win next time. I want to do it. “

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