Ruhua disappeared from the entertainment industry for 15 years… “Despised by his family”, the bitter past exposed him to reveal his current situation: it was even more difficult | Entertainment | CTWANT

Yang Zixian, a candidate for the Changhua County Council, met by chance. (Photo/Photo taken from Yang Zixian’s Facebook)

Actress Lin Yahui became an instant hit in 2003 when she acted as an ugly person in the “Laugh at the first sight of you” in the TV variety show “Variety Show Loves the Constitution”. In 2007, a salary dispute broke out and gradually faded out. The light curtain was once photographed working in a bakery and selling betel nut. After more than 10 years, Yang Zixian, a candidate for the Changhua County Council, revealed today (8th) that he heard that Ruhua often runs to temple fairs now, but he did not expect that he would actually meet her and share her current situation.

Yang Zixian posted on Facebook today, “Do you still remember Ruhua who became popular around 2003? A lot of information about her later development was pushed a while ago. Knowing that she is now running the temple fair, I always wonder, will it be possible? One day I ran into him while running. As a result, last night at the same-sex palace dinner party in Zhutongjiao, I finally saw the true face of Mount Lushan.”

Yang Zixian mentioned, “When she was most popular, I was in elementary school, and when I saw this kind of nonsensical ugly performance, the flower branches of laughter trembled. But when I grew up, I realized… Ruhua grew up in an extremely patriarchal family. Dafeidan has no warmth, and is even despised by her family, so Ruhua is determined to engage in acting work (yes, she has always regarded her episodes as acting work). She cooperates with the production unit and chooses to make fun of herself. This entertainment audience, in exchange for viewing.”

Yang Zixian said, “Someone asked her what it felt like when she pulled up the pantyhose? ‘The pain wasn’t just pain, it was pain and a little bit of sadness.’ After a whole day of video recording, I always got blood stains on the nose due to excessive friction. Later After experiencing a brokerage dispute, she was paid two or three million by A, but she was old-fashioned, and she continued to walk on the road of acting. So, I was the first enthusiastic folks who took the initiative to take a photo after Ruhua’s debut.”

Yang Zixian emphasized, “In the back of Ruhua’s singing, I saw ‘self-help heaven help’, these four words, every person in the society who has no native background advantage, can play a good hand as soon as he comes out, like Ruhua, like It’s just like you and me, and it’s even more difficult. You can only rely on yourself step by step. In fact, you don’t need much, just try your best to prove the value of your existence!”

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