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Rui Machida talks about his aspirations for the WNBA challenge [写真]= Shinpei Kaneda / Basketball King

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On March 5, Rui Machida (Fujitsu Red Wave) held a press conference on WNBA’s contract with Washington Mystics.

Machida’s WNBA challenge was announced by Fujitsu and the W League on February 14, but at the beginning of the meeting, Fujitsu Red Wave Director Shigemi Maruyama said, “Like other rookies, we signed a uniform training camp contract. However, it has been highly evaluated by the team. ” “Machida will travel to the United States in May and participate in the WNBA camp as soon as the W League is over. The WNBA season is scheduled to end in September, and after returning to Japan, he will participate in the W League as a Fujitsu player.” There was an explanation.

Fujitsu’s BT Taves head coach, who attended the meeting, said, “It has great significance not only for her but also for the Japanese women’s basketball world. In the world’s top league
I am confident that I will do my best to contribute to the new team. “

“I was surprised because I didn’t expect to receive an honest offer,” said Machida. “I was excited while listening to the story, and I have no chance to do this,” said Machida, who decided to take on the WNBA challenge. When asked about the impression of WNBA, “It is the highest peak in the women’s basketball world, where top-level players from each country gather. I’m curious that some players have matched up in the world championships, but I’m really looking forward to it. “Masu,” he said.

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It will be clearly remembered that he contributed to the silver medal of the Japanese national team, such as achieving 18 assists, which is a new record for the Olympics. From that time, Machida said, “I want to show that I can do it even if it’s small,” but I’m expecting a play that makes use of the speed and wide field of view of the pass in this WNBA challenge as well.

Machida, who is studying English for playing in Washington, expressed his honest feeling, “I’m worried.” Even so, “I would like to absorb a lot of things and contribute to Fujitsu. I think that this challenge is due to the people who have supported me and everyone who has supported me. “I want you to do your best,” he said. “I will do my best to do my best and what I should do so that I can make a good report to everyone in Japan.”

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