Rumor: An insider claims that Call of Duty 2021 will not be set in the future and gives a hint about the title

This insider points out that the new Call of Duty that will come out this year will be called Guerrilla Warfare, and will not be set in the future.

Activision confirmed a few days ago that this year we will have a new Call of Duty, something already common over the years and the future of the war saga. Next to exitoso free to play Call of Duty Warzone, reach a new installment focused on the campaign and its own multiplayer mode.

The first rumors about this Call of Duty 2021 have already emerged, in which Treyarch will not participate, which already launched at the end of last year Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War on consoles and PC. The person in charge of developing this new title could be Sledgehammer, whose last game was Call of Duty WWII.

The well-known insider Tom Henderson has revealed two details of the new Call of Duty, although at the moment it’s just a rumor, since he has shared it through a cryptic message. Some users confirm it on Reddit, yes.

On the one hand, this insider claims that Call of Duty 2021 will not take place in the future, as already happened with the last installments of Black Ops before the recent Black Ops Cold War. Everything points to what will be set in the present, leaving aside the conflicts of the last century.

The other detail is more “taken with tweezers”, and has to do with its title. Tom Henderson shares an image of a gorilla next to another from Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019), indicating that the new game will be called Guerrilla Warfare. We explain why.

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It turns out that the word ”gorilla” (gorilla in English) is often linked to the term guerrilla, for its similar pronunciation, and it is something that some Twitter and Reddit users have discovered. According to this insider, Call of Duty: Guerrilla Warfare It will be the new of the war saga for this year 2021.

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As we say, it’s just a rumor and there is nothing confirmed, especially in relation to the title. What is certain is that we will see a new call of duty game by the end of the year, presumably between October and November. So prepare your weapons for the battlefield.

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