Rumor has it that Apple is trying to make AirPods a health product


Apple’s health product landscape may be followed bywatchExtends to the headset.according toWall Street JournalAccording to the news from the informant, Apple seems to be exploring the possibility of turning AirPods into a health device in a variety of ways. In the future, new earphones may have hearing aids or posture correction functions. In the outgoing files, there is even a prototype with a built-in thermometer that can measure the user’s core body temperature. According to information sources, these features will not appear on AirPods until 2022 at the earliest. Apple has not accidentally chosen not to comment on this rumor.

Apple has now classified AirPods as a wearable device, so using it as a carrier to achieve health functions is a logical development direction. But no matter from the perspective of technology or regulation, there are still considerable obstacles ahead. Even in the United States, the FDA’s review process is very lengthy and cumbersome, and the endurance of the existing AirPods models is far from reaching the level required for hearing aids and other functions.

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