RUMOR on PSVR 2: Half-life Alyx would be released on Sony’s next VR headset!

If there is a game whose Sony needs to promote the upcoming PSVR 2 release is Half-Life: Alyx. This critically acclaimed first-person shooter is rightly considered one of the best virtual reality experiences available today. And like Sony seeks to offer experiences as qualitative as they are complete for its new toy, we easily understand thatget the fetish title of Valve should be the priority of the Japanese giant.

Today, a website named The Leak affirm that Sony has reached a deal that will bring the title to PSVR 2 next year. Unfortunately, the report is light on details:

Our source told us that Sony had been in negotiations with Valve over Half Life Alyx for a long time before reaching an agreement. The game has been exclusive to most PC-compatible VR headsets, but Sony has purchased the rights to release it in 2023. According to our source, it won’t be released alongside the launch of VR2. And it’s unclear whether it will be a remaster or an upgraded deluxe version of Half Life Alyx. Our source has already received authentic and very real information.

Well, okay, but where are the supporting documents? You have to imagine that in private, Sony will move heaven and earth to get this game. The article hints that the manufacturer may have “purchased the publishing rights”, suggesting that they may be able to handle the conversion themselves. So this is a story that deserves to be followed, we will of course keep you informed of the evolution of this rumor.

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