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Samsung is rumored to be working on a Windows laptop with its own Arm-soc. This Exynos chip would include an AMD GPU. The Arm laptop would be released in the second half of this year.

The laptop chip would be released as the Samsung Exynos 2200, reports ZDNet Korea based on anonymous sources. The laptop would be shipped with the Arm version of Windows 10. Samsung has not yet officially announced the laptop, but ZDNet is relying on information from ‘major suppliers and partners’ of the South Korean company. The chip would be placed in a ‘thin laptop’, which shows similarities with the Galaxy Book S. that the company released last year.

There are no concrete specifications about the ‘Exynos PC’ chip yet, but ZDNet does report that the SOC should be ready in the third quarter of 2021. In addition, the medium states that the chip is equipped with a GPU from AMD. Such a collaboration between Samsung and AMD would come as no surprise. Samsung reported in 2019 al that it works with AMD on efficient GPUs for smartphones. The company brought earlier this year an update on that collaboration, in which Samsung confirmed that the next ‘flagship’ Exynos-soc will receive an RDNA GPU from AMD.

Samsung has previously had Windows 10 laptops released with Arm-soc’salthough the company has always used Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips in such notebooks until now. Earlier the rumor appeared that Samsung would work on a new laptop with a still unannounced Snapdragon-soc, which should be released in three months.

Samsung wouldn’t be the first company to work on its own Arm-socs. Apple announced last year that it would switch to proprietary Arm chips for its MacBooks and other Mac computers. The tech giant released its first products with the Apple M1-soc later that year. At release it turned out that the MacBooks with the new chip perform better than their predecessors with Intel CPUs.

Other tech companies also seem to be working on their own Arm-socs. For example, Microsoft according to rumors are working on such chips for its Azure servers, although the company would also explore the options for proprietary chips in Surface devices. Microsoft responded to that rumor by stating that the company “continues to invest in its own capabilities in areas such as [chip]design and manufacturing ”, while Microsoft would also continue to promote and strengthen partnerships with“ a variety of chip vendors ”.

Samsung Galaxy Book S

The Samsung Galaxy Book S, which the upcoming Exynos laptop would somewhat resemble

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