Rumor: towards a remaster or remake of Pokémon Pearl and Diamond?

Pokémon Pearl and Diamond back on Nintendo Switch?

This “leak” is “confirmed” by the Hispanic site specializing on the subject Pokémon Center. In their article, they mention the return of the fourth generation and the Sinnoh region. Pokémon Pearl and Diamond were originally released in 2006. They were the first of the series to appear on the then brand new Nintendo DS. As a reminder, we chose a hero among two Aurore and Louka. The latter, encouraged by Professor Rowan, select a Pokémon among the following three: Tortipouss, Tiplouf and Ouisticram. We’re supposed to have an announcement from The Pokémon Company and Game Freaks in February to mark the 25th anniversary of the series.

What we hope, if this rumor is true, is a remaster or a remake up to the task with animations worthy of the name rather than three, four who fight in duels like the last ones released in 2019 Let’s wait to find out more but it would be a good start.

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