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Volkswagen is said to have removed Christian Senger from his position as CEO of Car.Software.Org, VW’s software department. The company had officially appointed Senger as head of the division effective July 1.

Senger is said to have conflicted with too many people within VW while setting up Car.Software.Org, reports Handelsblatt. The newspaper writes that Senger brought together experts from within the VW group to the software division so that it could make the software for the various VW subsidiary brands as an independent unit. This would have met with opposition from the executives of the individual brands, who feared for their influence and power.

The software chief would also have asked for too many resources, without specifying enough what all those resources were for. The job change is said to be part of a larger-scale reorganization within VW, with which the group’s director, Herbert Diess, would like to demonstrate his power. Diess himself was under fire from commissioners with claims of legal violations, but he got away with a reprimand. The supervisory directors would like a breath of fresh air in the management team and in recent months Diess is said to have replaced various top executives.

Audi boss Markus Duesmann would become responsible in the future for the development of the VW Group’s digital units, which may include Car.Software.Org. Volkswagen has big plans for this software division, located in the Audi Innovation Campus in Ingolstadt. This should consist of about ten thousand developers and ensure that VW no longer depends on third parties such as Bosch or LG in terms of software, but makes them as much as possible in-house.

Senger was previously responsible for developing the Volkswagen Electric ID Series and has been working on Car.Software.Org since March, which he was officially in charge of since July 1. Previously, he worked at BMW on the i-series electric vehicles. He is one of the managers who followed Diess from BMW to Volkswagen in 2014.


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