News Runoff: Law student (19) from Lichtenberg (Hof) is Bavaria's...

Runoff: Law student (19) from Lichtenberg (Hof) is Bavaria’s youngest mayor


Kristan von Waldenfels (CSU) became Mayor of Lichtenberg in the Hof district at the age of 19.

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Kristan von Waldenfels achieved a very special position at the age of 19. The law student was elected to Bavaria’s youngest mayor.

  • Bavaria’s youngest mayor is located in Lichtenberg, Bavaria.
  • 19-year-old Kristan von Waldenfels (CSU) won the runoff.
  • He had previously sent a message to his supporters.
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Lichtenberg – The 19 year old Krist
on from Waldenfels has real reason to celebrate on Sunday (March 29th). In the runoff election he was in the Bavarian Lichtenberg in district court to the mayor chosen. He is now the youngest incumbent in the Free State to sit on the executive chair in the town hall.

Runoff election in Bavaria: Law student (19) wins – Bavaria’s youngest mayor

In the Runoff to Local elections reached the Law studentwho for the CSU took 52.5 percent of the vote and prevailed against the SPD candidate Jürgen Lindner. With 38 votes more than his opponent, he won. 84 percent of those eligible to vote had participated in the run-off election in Bavaria’s second smallest city.

From Waldenfels had in the first round of the election Local elections 48 percent of voters already on his side. The 19-year-old, who is studying law at the University of Bayreuth, was just ahead.

Law student is Bavaria’s youngest mayor – thanks to Facebook

Since the sudden death of the previous mayor Holger Knüppel (CSU), the deputy mayor has run the city’s business. Well now Kristan from Waldenfels take over the official business.

After the first Ballot thanked the 19-year-old via Facebook with his voters. “A huge, huge thank you for this great result! That I got the most votes in the first ballot, both as Candidate for mayor, as well as a member of the city council: That is of course fantastic, ”writes from Waldenfels. The result is a “very big vote of confidence”.

Local election in Bavaria: run-off vote as a pure postal vote – because of the corona crisis


On* For the runoff election you will find all results of the district elections in the local election in Bavaria 2020.

The collective results of the run-off elections for the 2020 local elections at municipal and district level in Bavaria can be found here.

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