“Russia-Africa Summit 2021: Lavrov’s Fourth African Tour Continues Dialogue with African Leaders”

2023-05-29 02:17:52

weeks away from the start of the second Russia-Africa Summit in Saint Petersburgthe Foreign Ministry of the Eurasian country reported that Lavrov will go on another tour to continue holding dialogues with African leaders.

This is Lavrov’s fourth trip to Africa in the last 12 months. The last time the official visited Kenya was in 2010.

In July last year, Lavrov toured Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda and the Republic of the Congo. Six months later, in January 2023, he visited South Africa, Eswatini, Angola, and Eritrea. He later did the same in Mali, Mauritania and Sudan.

Moscow has expressed on several occasions its interest in maintaining good relations with African countries, which it sees as allies in the consolidation of a multipolar world.

The Russian President, Vladimir Putinrecently said, on the occasion of Africa Day, that the second Russia-Africa Summit will allow “defining new tasks to expand constructive cooperation (…) in the political, economic, commercial, science-technological, humanitarian and other fields” .
The second summit and the Russia-Africa economic forum will take place from July 26 to 29 in the city of Saint Petersburg. The Sputnik agency is the information partner of the event. The first edition of the forum took place from October 22 to 24, 2019 in Sochi.

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