Russia confirmed that Sputnik V does not produce adverse reactions in people over 60 – Télam

According to the latest data from the third phase of clinical trials, Sputnik V shows an efficacy of more than 90%.

The Nikolái Gamaleya Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, which manufactures the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus that arrived in Argentina, reaffirmed that no adverse reactions were detected in the elderly.

“The results of the studies in the elderly will be announced shortly, there are no collateral effects,” said the center director, Alexandr Guintsburg, in statements to the Sputnik news agency.

On the other hand, the manager stated that the Gamaleya Center did not receive samples of the new coronavirus strain detected in the United Kingdom for now, although he indicated that the inoculation protects against this variant since it affects only a small point on the surface of the virus protein.

On August 11, Russia registered the first vaccine against Covid-19 that is produced in cooperation with the Russian Fund for Direct Investment.

The vaccine, which consists of two components: the first is based on human adenovirus type 26, and the second, on recombinant human adenovirus type 5, is administered twice, at an interval of 21 days.

According to the latest data from the third phase of clinical trials, Sputnik V shows an efficacy of more than 90%.

Anmat certification

After the visit to Russia of its technicians, the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (Anmat) published a technical report that certifies the approval of the Sputnik V vaccine in the country, in which it highlights that the vaccine has a greater efficacy than what was expected and that its effectiveness does not vary according to age range.

In the report, Anmat indicated that it received all the enabling information on the vaccine, which “shows safety and efficacy in a range greater than acceptable.

The three hundred thousand doses of the Sputnik V vaccine arrived in Ezeiza on Thursday, they will take part of the first stage with which the inoculation process begins throughout the country.

These first doses will be aimed at health personnel throughout the country, reported the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero; and the infectologist Pedro Cahn, a member of the Vaccination Committee, who indicated that they will be aimed: “at those who are on the front line of the fight against coronavirus.

The 56 ThermoContainers that arrived on Thursday from Russia and keep the vaccines at 18 degrees below zero, were stored in a warehouse in order to begin with the separation in different pallets, to be later distributed in each of the districts according to the sanitary map with the one told by the authorities.

The vaccination plan will have 116,000 members of the vaccination teams, including vaccinators and support personnel, and 7,749 health facilities equipped to vaccinate, in addition to 10,000 volunteers who will join through the Activate Program.

President Alberto Fernández will meet this Saturday with the governors of the entire country to finish defining the vaccination campaign in each of the 24 jurisdictions after the arrival in Argentina of the first doses of Sputnik V.

The meeting, which is programmed in virtual form, will be held during the afternoon, and will be the starting point to begin the inoculation process at the national level, described as an “epic” by President Fernández and that will reach every corner of the country .


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