Russia Destroys US Army Missiles – Medvedev Threatens West

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Created: 13.08.2022Updated: 08/13/2022, 07:17 am

Von: Andreas Apetz, Sarah Neumeyer


The Russian army is advancing in the Donbass. The situation in the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant remains precarious: the news ticker on Friday, August 12.

Update from Saturday, August 13, 07:15: In the dispute over travel opportunities for Russians in the EU, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has reiterated his call for a travel ban. “It must be ensured that Russian murderers and supporters of state terror do not use Schengen visas,” he said in Kyiv on Friday evening.

+++ 8.55 p.m.: According to local information, the southern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia was hit by five Russian rockets on Friday evening (August 12). In the process, infrastructure buildings were destroyed, regional governor Olexander Staruch said on Telegram. A fire had broken out. At least one woman was injured and more information about victims is expected. The regional capital of Zaporizhia, Ukraine’s sixth largest city, has remained in Ukrainian hands since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression. However, the southern part of the administrative area is occupied by Russian troops. There, near the town of Enerhodar, is the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, for which Russians and Ukrainians blame each other for shelling.

Fighting for the nuclear power plant in the Zaporizhia region has been going on for weeks. © Konstantin Mihalchevskiy / Imago Images

According to the authorities, the city of Kramatorsk in the Donbass was also shot at on Friday evening. At least two civilians were killed and 13 injured. The Ukrainian air defense system allegedly intercepted a Russian missile over the southern region of Mykolaiv.

Ukraine war: Medvedev threatens West

+++ 8.18 p.m.: Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has apparently threatened Ukraine’s western allies. “Let’s not forget that the European Union also has nuclear power plants. And accidents can happen there, too,” Medvedev said on Friday (August 12), according to the Reuters news agency. The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine has been under fire for days. Kyiv and Moscow blame each other for the extremely dangerous situation.

“She [die Ukraine] claim it was Russia. Of course, this is 100% nonsense, even for the stupid Russophobic public,” Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel. “They say it’s just random, like, ‘We didn’t mean it,'” he added. “What can I say? Let’s not forget that the European Union also has nuclear power plants. And accidents can happen there too.”

+++ 5:22 p.m.: The first UN ship to deliver grain from Ukraine is expected at its port of destination on the Black Sea on Friday (12 August). The ship will load Ukrainian wheat bought by the UN World Food Program (WFP), WFP spokesman Tomson Phiri said in Geneva on Friday. WFP hopes this first shipment will mark the start of regular shipments of grain from Ukraine to regions of the world most at risk of hunger. According to the spokesman, the “MV Brave Commander” left Istanbul on Wednesday and is expected on Friday in Yuzhne east of the Ukrainian port city of Odessa.

+++ 3.45 p.m.: Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, has sharply criticized Chancellor Olaf Scholz for his refusal to stop issuing visas to Russian citizens. “Russian citizens are fighting in Ukraine, torturing and killing peaceful Ukrainians and children, destroying our cities and villages,” Klitschko said on social media. He had previously spoken to Franziska Giffey, Berlin’s governing mayor, on the phone.

+++ 3 p.m.: According to the Ukrainian government, Russian troops are again shelling the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia. “Russia resorted to dangerous provocations and staged the shelling of the nuclear power plant itself,” said Ukrainian Ambassador Serhiy Kyslytsia at a UN Security Council meeting on Friday night in New York.

News on the Ukraine war: Federal government condemns shelling of nuclear power plants

+++ 1.45 p.m.: The federal government has commented on the fighting surrounding the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. “Of course, the federal government is concerned about the information that has reached us from Ukraine on this subject, about the fights that are taking place around the nuclear power plant,” said government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit on Friday. The federal government has repeatedly made it clear “that we are calling on all sides to stop this highly dangerous shelling,” he said at the federal press conference.

Russia destroys US Army missiles

+++ 12.45 p.m.: Russian forces have reported the destruction of a US radar system. According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, this was the AN/MPQ-64 system type that was stationed in the Donbass. In addition, two rockets of the type “HIMARS” were shot down, it said. These missiles were last delivered to Ukraine by the United States. The information is not independently verifiable.

+++ 12.00 p.m.: The first wheat freighter since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression has left the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk. So far, since grain exports resumed, only corn and sunflower products have been shipped. The Sormovskiy 121 will transport a little more than 3,000 tons of wheat to Turkey, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced on Twitter on Friday. At the same time, the Star Laura casts off from the port of Piwdennyj. It said it would bring over 60,000 tons of corn to Iran. In Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure confirmed the departure process and announced the arrival of two more ships for loading. A total of 14 ships with more than 430,000 tons of cargo have left Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea since August 1 as part of an internationally brokered grain export agreement. Russia attacked Ukraine at the end of February and blocked the country’s ports. For its part, Ukraine had mined the approaches to the port for fear of a Russian invasion. At the end of July, the warring parties concluded agreements with Turkey and the United Nations, which are intended to guarantee a transport route for ships carrying agricultural goods from the war zone.

+++ 11.00 a.m.: According to a report by the news portal, the Ukrainian General Staff reported Kyiv Independentthat several attacks by the Russian army had been repelled. Among other things, there were attacks near Bachmut and Mariinka. The information cannot be independently verified.

News on the Ukraine war: Russian military “significantly weakened”

+++ 10.00 a.m.: According to the British Ministry of Defence, the heavy explosions at a Russian military base in Crimea are affecting the operational capability of the Black Sea Fleet. Citing intelligence information, the ministry said eight fighter jets were badly damaged or destroyed. The assessment is explosive that the Russian army uses the base as a supply route for the troops in southern Ukraine. However, the Luftwaffe is “considerably weakened” after the recent losses. The causes of the explosions at the base are still unclear. Ukraine has not yet made a clear statement on this.

+++ 09.15 a.m.: Russian troops apparently fired on the region around the city of Dnipro on Friday morning. Numerous residential buildings were hit, as the news portal Nexta reports. Accordingly, Valentin Reznichenko, head of the regional military administration, said that around 40 rockets hit the city of Marganets. At least three were injured, including a 12-year-old child. This cannot be independently verified.

Update from Friday, August 12, 08:15: The Russian military appears to have been successful in its heavy front-line attacks in eastern Ukraine. “The enemy was partially successful in the advance towards Horlivka-Zaytseve,” the Ukrainian general staff said in a situation report on Friday morning. The city of Horlivka north of Donetsk has been in the hands of pro-Russian separatists since 2014. A heavily fortified position north of the city was apparently stormed.

Russian attacks are also continuing in front of Donetsk and south of Bakhmut, on the defensive wall around the last conurbation in Donbass controlled by Kyiv, Sloviansk-Kramatorsk. This information cannot be independently verified.

News on the Ukraine war: Heavy artillery shelling in Donbass – Russia doubles airstrikes

First report from Friday, August 12, 7 a.m: Kyiv – The Ukraine war continues unabated. For Ukraine, Friday marks the 170th day of the fight against the Russian invasion. Air raid alerts were sounded twice on Thursday evening (August 11) across Ukraine. The Ukrainian general staff reported fierce fighting in the east of the country, where Russian troops are trying to advance in Donbass. Under cover of heavy artillery fire, the Russian armed forces attacked the cities of Bakhmut and Avdiivka. Fighter planes were also used. According to the Ukrainian military, the advance of the Russian troops was initially repelled.

According to a Ukrainian brigadier general, Russia has doubled the number of airstrikes on military positions compared to the previous week. “The enemy’s planes and helicopters avoid flying within range of our air defenses, and therefore the accuracy of these attacks is low,” Ukrainian Brigadier General Oleksiy Hromov told a press conference.

In the last days of the war, Russia’s offensive strategy focused on capturing the city of Bakhmut. It is considered the cornerstone of the defense system around the last Ukrainian-held conurbation in Donbass. However, not all military data can be directly verified. In a speech, President Selenskyj called on all officials to maintain secrecy. You should refrain from commenting on the military situation so as not to jeopardize operations.

News about the Ukraine war: the situation at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant may deteriorate

The threatening situation in the Russian-occupied Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine is currently stable and there is no security risk. “However, this can change at any time,” emphasized the United Nations Security Council in New York last Thursday. Rafael Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), asked Moscow and Kyiv before the Security Council to quickly allow international experts to visit. “Personally, I am ready to lead such a mission.” Important facts cannot be gathered without a physical presence.

In Kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy demanded an immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from the plant and accused Moscow of “nuclear blackmail”. “No one else has so obviously used a nuclear power plant to threaten the whole world and impose conditions,” Zelenskyy said in his evening video address. (aa/dpa)

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