Russia did not conquer new territory in Ukraine on Wednesday
The situation on the map

The context

Cover image: A woman sells fruit and vegetables in the central market in Sloviansk, eastern Ukraine, hit by a missile on July 6, 2022. MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP

  • After taking Lyssytchansk on Sunday, the Russian army claims that almost all of the province of Louhansk is in his hands, which the Ukrainians continue to deny. “There is always fighting in two villages”, assured Wednesday its governor, Serhi Haïdaï. The Russians are now seeking to conquer the second province of Donbass, that of Donetsk, thus occupying the entirety of this mining and industrial basin. But for that they need to take Slovenian and Kramatorskits two largest cities preserved by the Ukrainians.
  • A Sloviansk, “evacuation is in progress”said the mayor, Vadym Liakh. “There are currently 23,000 inhabitants left” in this daily bombarded city, which had around 110,000 before the conflict. The central water supply network has been destroyed for a month and a third of the city regularly finds itself without electricity. The Russian army is about forty kilometers away. “There is currently the most brutal confrontation between Sloviansk and Bakhmout”summed up Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his evening address.
  • The separatist authorities of the “Donetsk People’s Republic” announced Wednesday evening on Telegram that two children had been killed and three others wounded, as well as three adults, by Ukrainian bombardments which targeted Makeyevka.
  • The Russians are still bombing the region of Mykolaïvin the south, strikes which caused the death of at least two people on Tuesday and Wednesday, denounce the Ukrainian authorities.
  • Lithuania announced on Wednesday that it was preparing to send a Turkish drone to Ukraine, after raising 5.9 million euros for its purchase and popular mobilization.
  • The former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev spoke on Wednesday of the use of nuclear weaponsto better exclude any possibility of sanctions against Moscow by international justice, at a time when the International Penal Court investigation into alleged war crimes committed in Ukraine. “The very idea of ​​chastising a country that has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world is absurd in itself. And that potentially creates a threat to the existence of humanity.”wrote on his Telegram account the current vice-president of the Russian Security Council.

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