Russia: “If he had been in the car, he would have died”

All smiles, Alexander poses next to his car, a beer in his hand. At first glance, it is difficult to understand what can make this young man of 27 so happy: his vehicle is completely destroyed. We can better understand the euphoria of the Russian by looking at the CCTV images recorded this Thursday morning in Vladivostok (south-east). Alexander and his wife Daria, who had just bought a new car, were about to hit the road, but the vehicle had to be thawed.

“My husband sent me to fetch boiling water, while he remained near the car to clear the windshield as best he could”, tells the young woman to Alexander owes his own survival to his responsiveness: upon hearing a creak coming from the roof, the Russian looked up and saw a concrete slab weighing about two tons fall from the ninth floor. He just had time to step aside and witness the massacre of his poor car. “If he had been in the car, he would have died,” his wife trembles.

Alexander had his picture taken to celebrate his “second birth”, aware of having come close to an excruciating death. An investigation is underway to determine the causes of the accident. The couple intends for their part to file a complaint against those responsible for the disaster.

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