Russia Offers Latin America Drug to Cure Coronavirus

LThe Russian Federation yesterday offered various representatives of health entities, agencies and specialists in Latin America a medicine called Avifavir to combat COVID-19 and cure it in a period of between four and 10 days.

The drug, approved by the Russian Ministry of Health on May 29, has already been used in more than 30,000 patients from 51 different regions (of the 85 there are) in Russia, with positive results and a low balance of side effects. (17.5%), assured Ipharma’s chief of operations, Natalia Vostokova, during the presentation of the drug in a discussion organized from Guatemala.

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In Russia, the 85 regions of the country have recorded COVID-19 cases. According to the last official report, there have been 713,936 confirmed infections, 11,071 deaths and 489,068 recovered.

According to Vostokova, 65% of patients took four days to fully recover under Avifavir treatment, while 85% tested negative on the fifth day. “The treatment is for 10 days, unless the patient tests negative before,” he argued.

The director of operations of the research center emphasized that the dose should be stated “according to the weight of the patient,” and clarified that the drug has “easy tolerance in patients, with high doses of up to 1,000 milligrams per day.”

Of the “few adverse effects” observed during the application in Russian patients, “vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, chest pain and an increase in liver enzymes were found, but we have not detected any danger”, not even for older patients 70-year-old expanded Vostokova.

The presentation of the drug was organized by the Russian embassy in Guatemala, in its capacity as an observer member of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), under the support of the regional entity, whose headquarters are located in the Guatemalan capital.

Avifavir was discovered in Japan to treat influenza strains in 2014. It was licensed in 2016 by a Chinese company and the patent expired last year, making it now a generic drug, according to the company’s chief medical officer, Chromis. , Elena Yakubova.

Wide audience

The event counted with the participation of more than 1,000 people, among whom representatives of health centers and governments of Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Honduras, among others stood out.

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Each entity, private or public that wishes to acquire the drug “has to contact the Russian company KhimRar”, which developed the drug in conjunction with the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the embassy of the European country in Guatemala assured Efe.

According to Parlacen, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce “has already received requests to supply Avifavir from countries” in Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Aisammi tested positive for the virus

The economic vice president of Venezuela, Tareck el Aissami, tested positive for coronavirus, as he himself reported yesterday through his account on the social network Twitter.

“Today I start my isolation with all medical protocols after being positive with COVID-19. A new battle that I assume clinging to God and life, “wrote El Aissami.

The also Minister of Energy and Petroleum thus becomes the second high representative of the Venezuelan Government to contract the disease after, last Thursday, the president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello, reported his infection.

Venezuela experienced its worst day on Thursday for COVID-19 when registering the death of five people from the new coronavirus.

The country reported yesterday 8,372 people infected with the virus, 80 deaths and a total of 2,544 recovered.


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