Russia returns 145 ISIS militant children from Syria and Iraq


MOSCOW – President Commissioner Russia for Children’s Rights, Anna Kuznetsova, said her country had repatriated 145 Russian children of former ISIS militants from Syria and Iraq since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Kuznetsova said since the start of last year, her agency had made six trips to bring the children back to Russia, in coordination with the Syrian and Iraqi authorities.

Precautions are taken at all times regarding the coronavirus.

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He said it was difficult to determine the number of children left in Syria and Iraq, but that so far there were documents prepared to return 105 more.

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Last November, the Kurdish Autonomous Administration in northeast Syria handed over 30 Russian children of ISIS militants being held in Al-Hol Camp, southeast of Hasakah.

Previously, France had repatriated seven children of ISIS fighters from northeast Syria. This is the latest attempt by the European nation to repatriate its citizens after years of reluctance to do so.


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