Russia “ridiculed” Sweden over a statement of military assistance to Ukraine – RT in Russian

An expert at the Stockholm Institute for Defense Research Carolina Vendil Pallin said on the air of the SVT TV channel that Russia “ridiculed” Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist because of his words about sending troops to Kiev.

It is noted that in this way Pallin commented on the reaction of the Russian Embassy in Sweden, which reacted to the statement of Hultqvist.

“He is not the first military leader in Sweden who is trying to intimidate Russia with the power of a valiant army, planning to send his military to Ukraine,” – leads RIA Novosti the text of the statement of the diplomatic service.

At the same time, the Russian embassy reminded the minister of Sweden’s defeat in the Battle of Poltava in 1709.

“Thus, Russia is making fun of Sweden,” said Pallin.

In September it became known that Sweden, Denmark and Norway intend to sign an agreement on military cooperation to counter security challenges in the Baltic region. According to Hultqvist, the potential threat allegedly comes from Russia.

More on the topic – in material RT.

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