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The coronavirus pandemic has not only generated pain and sorrow for humanity, but images of solidarity such as the one registered in a hospital for patients with Covid-19 starring three Russian medical students protecting the health of a sick person who gives us the hope that there is still good in the world.

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The unusual event was registered in one of the hospitals of Leningrad, Russia. It is reported that the patient had had a panic attack for which she sometimes took off her oxygen mask, which is why the three medical students had to spend the night accompanying and making sure that the ICU patient cannot suffer further complications.

“By that time, we had already finished our shift the day before, other boys came, but there was so much work that we had to go back to the hospital at two in the morning,” Rasul Nazarov said.

Rasul Nazarov, together with his companions, Yekaterina and Alexéi they counted the middle ruso RT who were contacted at two in the morning to care for a patient UCI that he began to suffer a panic attack and which they had to take care of. The doctor explained that when the woman felt that she was drowned, she had a panic attack because they had to calm her down while holding the oxygen mask.

Russian nurses protect an ICU patient with coronavirus in a hospital in Leningrad, Russia.
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“When the woman calmed down a bit, we lay down on the ground, because it’s at least a little cold. In the photo it may seem that we are sleeping, but, in reality, we were lying down watching the patient, observing the monitors ”, said Rasul.


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