“Russia to withdraw from international banking payment networks”…”I will pay the price”

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Ukraine’s President Zelensky reiterated his willingness to fight back, saying all European countries had agreed to cut Russia off the International Interbank Telecommunications Association.

US President Joe Biden also stressed that not only Europe, but also Indo-Pacific countries, including Korea, will join the sanctions and “Russia will pay a serious price.”

This is reporter Im Im-hyeon.

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Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said all European countries had agreed on sanctions to block Russia from the International Interbank Telecommunication Association’s payment network.

It said it would cost Russia billions of dollars if it was pulled out of the payment networks used by banks around the world, a “significant victory”.

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We have won an important victory. The decision to expel Russia from the international payment system is fair. It will be a huge loss for Russia.

In fact, it is known that the discussion on sanctions has accelerated as Germany, which has been passive in blocking the payment network with Russia, has turned in favor of it.

President Zelensky appealed for support for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, while also asking the leaders of Turkey, Azerbaijan and India to mediate to resolve the situation.

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“Ivan Aliyev (President of Azerbaijan) and Erdogan (President of Turkey) have agreed to arrange a meeting with Russia. We welcome it.”

President Zelensky’s aide said the Russian attack on Kiev was not progressing and that so far about 3,500 Russian soldiers have been killed or wounded.

U.S. President Joe Biden is also considering sanctions against the Russian central bank as well as all of Europe as an urgent measure to deter further invasion.

He also said that countries in the Indo-Pacific region, such as Korea, Japan, and Australia, would join the sanctions against Russia.

[조 바이든 / 미국 대통령(유튜브 ‘Brian Tyler Cohen’ 인터뷰)]

“I think that not only Europe, but also the Pacific region, Japan, Korea and Australia will join in[the sanctions].”

“These sanctions are the broadest and will cover the political and economic sectors,” Biden said.

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