Russia-Ukraine conflict: Argentina’s position in the UN Human Rights Council


Argentina asked Russia to “cease the use of force” and hostilities in his speech at the 49th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which is meeting this morning (noon in Switzerland) in Geneva and is chaired by Argentine diplomat Federico Villegas.

The Argentine position was questioning the Russian Federation for the invasion of Ukraine and condemn the violation of territorial integrity of that nation, along with a call for dialogue to stop the conflict.

“It is imperative that Russia cease the use of force, that it cease hostilities. There is no international security with escalations, whoever it comes from, the logic of the escalation comes from the threat, “said Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero at the time of his intervention.

In addition, he recalled that Argentina “has part of its territory usurped by the United Kingdom”, but that “it never sought to define border disputes by force”.

“The world cannot tolerate more deaths, nor can it tolerate more deaths; the dialogue must begin now”exhorted the official.

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