Russia-Ukraine War, live: latest news of the conflict and minute by minute

Russian forces launched a missile attack Thursday against the kyiv area for the first time in weeks and also shelled the northern Chernihiv region, in what Ukraine says was revenge for standing up to the Kremlin.

For their part, the Ukrainian authorities announced a counteroffensive to recover the occupied region of Kherson, in the south of the country, territory taken by the forces of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the first stage of the war.

Russia attacked the kyiv region with six missiles launched from the Black Sea, hitting a military unit in the town of Liutizh, on the outskirts of the capital, according to Oleksii Hromov, a senior official in Ukraine’s General Staff.

The official said the attack flattened one building and damaged two others, and that Ukrainian forces shot down one of the missiles in the town of Bucha. Fifteen people were injured in the Russian strikes, five of them civilians, the kyiv regional governor said. Oleksiy Kuleba.

Russia’s communications regulator has demanded the license be withdrawn from the website and print edition of the country’s main independent newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, the outlet reported on Thursday.

According to the publication, the state communications watchdog Roskomnadzor went to court demanding that the media license of the newspaper’s website be cancelled. “Is it politics? And what is not politics now?” Roskomnadzor said in a statement, quoted by TASS.

A former Russian state television journalist who resigned after criticizing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on air was fined 50,000 rubles ($860) on Thursday for discrediting the armed forces.

Marina Ovsyannikova was charged under a law enacted after the February 24 invasion, which criminalizes statements against the armed forces. Violators of the law can be sentenced up to 15 years in prison.

The fine was imposed for his comments in court where prominent opposition figure Ilya Yashin was appearing on charges of disseminating false information about the armed forces. According to the Latvia-based Medusa news site, which reports on Russia, Ovsyannikova called the invasion of Ukraine “a horrible crime.”

The former chief rabbi of Moscow, who left Russia in protest at the invasion of Ukraine, warned on Thursday of a possible rise in anti-Semitism in the country. Jewish,” said Pinchas Goldschmidt, who has lived in Israel since March.

During an online discussion with journalists, he expressed his fear of “an increase in anti-Semitism” in Russia and stressed that Jews were leaving the country for fear that a new “iron curtain” would prevent them from leaving in the future. Jewish in Russia has been pressured (…) to openly support the war.

Our community did not support the war,” he added. Goldschmidt said he will not return to Russia unless the “political situation” changes.

The city of berlinin Germany, will stop lighting several monuments y historical buildings starting this Wednesday to join the effort of energy saving at the risk of shortage. In the medium term, some 200 iconic buildings, such as the Victory Column, Charlottenburg Palace and the City Hall will no longer be illuminated at night.

“Given the war against Ukraine and Russia’s threats on energy policy, it is important that we use our energy as carefully as possible,” explained the senator for the Environment, Bettina Jarasch (Greens), in a statement. The city will thus be able to save energy from the 1,400 bulbs used to illuminate these places.

For several weeks, the German Chancellor’s government Olaf Scholz calls for a national mobilization to save energy, after the price spike that could complicate supply this winter. Before the war in Ukraine, Germany bought 55% of its gas from Russia, a quota that was reduced to 35% in June, but that leaves the country at the mercy of gas cuts decided by Moscow.

Journalist Marina Ovsiannikova, who became known for interrupting a news program on Russian state television with a poster against the offensive in Ukraine, was fined for denouncing the conflict again.

A Moscow court fined him 50,000 rubles (about 800 euros or dollars) for “discrediting” the Russian armed forcesan infraction that has been applied since March to repress criticism.

The journalist is accused of having said on July 13, speaking with journalists at a hearing of the imprisoned opponent Ilya Yashin, that the operation in Ukraine is a “crime”. Four days later, the 44-year-old reporter was briefly detained in the Moscow region.

Ovsiannikova came to prominence in March when she broke into the news of a pro-Kremlin television channel for which she worked. She carried a banner denouncing the offensive in Ukraine and the “propaganda” of the government-controlled media. She was then briefly detained and released with a fine.

Marina Ovsiannikova with her lawyerTelegram

A Russian attack caused at least five deaths and 25 wounded, including soldiers, in Kropivnitskyi, in central Ukraine, the regional governor announced. ”Two hangars were hit (…) So far, 25 people have been taken to medical centers for help. Five people died,” Andriy Raikovitch, head of the Kirovgrad region, said in a Telegram video.

quoted by the agency Interfax-Ukrainespecified that there were 12 soldiers among the wounded and that the bombardments destroyed “aeronautical equipment”, an An-26 civil aircraft and training aircraft, as well as neighboring buildings.

Kropivnitskyi was the target of Russian attacks on Saturday that left three dead, including a soldier, and wounded nine other soldiers. Later, the bombardments were directed at the railway infrastructure and a military airfield. The city had about 220,000 people before the Russian invasion and is located about 300 km south of kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

The Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, stated that “at the level of the Foreign Ministry and other institutions, we are ready to host encounters in our country for the negotiation” of a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine.

The minister made his announcement at a press conference he offered with his Georgian colleague, Illia Darchiashvili, after a meeting they held. “We must concentrate on reaching a ceasefire,” said Cavusoglu, adding that Turkey will continue to engage diplomatically so that the parties reach an agreement.

For the Turkish foreign minister, it is essential that the agreement reached between kyiv and Moscow for the cereal exports from the Ukrainian ports is applied efficiently, as a preliminary step to another understanding, in this case on a ceasefire. “If the agreement is implemented efficiently, we hope it can increase trust between the parties,” Cavusoglu stressed.

Several rockets partially destroyed a military base near kyiv, announced the Ukrainian General Staff, Oleksii Gromov. “Around 5 (2 GMT) the enemy launched an attack firing six Kalibr cruise missiles against a military unit in Lioutij, kyiv region,” Gromov told the media.

One base building was destroyed and two others damaged, while one of the six missiles was shot down by Ukrainian air defense. The rockets were launched from Crimea, peninsula annexed in 2014 by Moscow. More multiple rocket launcher shelling targeted the Cherniguiv region of northern Ukraine, fired from neighboring Belarus, an ally of Moscow, Gromov added, citing several “casualties” in the Ukrainian military.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive in the province of Kherson, located in the south of the country and occupied by Russia since the beginning of the invasion, is “gaining momentum”, according to the report released by British intelligence.

Ukraine used its new long-range artillery to damage at least three of the bridges across the Dnieper River that Russia relies on to supply areas under its control.”, affirmed the report released by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense through its social networks.

One of those bridges is the Antonovski, in the suburbs of the city, which is key because it is the only one that connects the town with the south bank of the river and the rest of the province.” Kherson, the most important politically populated center occupied by Russia, is now practically isolated from the other occupied territories,” said British intelligence, which realized that this makes the forces sent by Moscow “vulnerable.”

the television network RT shared recent images of the deployment of Russian BM-30 missile launcher -also known as Smerch, Russian word that translates as “tornado” – to destroy a Ukrainian weapons depot. Is about a Soviet-era system rivaling the US-developed HIMARS in effectiveness.

Despite its age, it is one of the self-propelled guns with the greatest power and firing distance in the world. The BM-30 Smerch system consists of 12 launch tubes mounted on a MAZ-543M 8×8 wheeled truck chassis and is manned by four people.

It has the ability to fire a variety of rocket types, including cluster and thermobaric munitions.

These devices they can launch missiles to a maximum range of 120 kilometers, unlike the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System which only has a range of 80 to 90 kilometersdata corroborated by international agencies AP y AFP.

One of the “most effective Ukrainian pilots” and Hero of Ukraine, Oleksandr Kukurbawas killed in action during his 100th mission, President Volodimir Zelensky said in his July 27 update. “He is a true Ukrainian hero, whom we will remember forever“, wrote.

Ukrainian President Zelensky announced on Wednesday the intention of his Executive to cTurn Ukraine into a guarantor of European energy security through its electricity productionand detailed plans to increase the export of electricity to the countries of the European Union.

“Gradually we will make Ukraine one of the guarantors of European energy security thanks to our national electricity production”expressed the Ukrainian president in his daily message to the population of the country.

Ukraine is preparing to increase its electricity exports to the European Union (EU) to help it Russian “resist energy pressure”President Volodimir Zelensky declared Wednesday “We are going to increase our energy exports to consumers in the European Union,” he assured.

These statements come one day after the agreement of the EU members to rReduce its gas consumption in a coordinated way and thus help Germany, which is greatly affected by the drop in Russian gas deliveries. kyiv and Europe accuse Moscow of using gas as an economic and political weapon.

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