Russia will stop supplying electricity to Finland from Saturday

The Russian Foreign Ministry previously said that Moscow felt compelled to react “militarily, technically and in other ways” to Finland’s possible NATO membership.

Amid tensions over a possible Nato-After Finland’s accession, Russia will stop supplying electricity to the neighboring country from Saturday. This was announced by the energy company RAO Nordic Oy on Friday. The Helsinki-based subsidiary of the Russian group InterRAO said it had not yet received payment for electricity sold in May. It can therefore not pay the bills for the electricity imports.

“This situation is extraordinary and has occurred for the first time in our more than twenty-year trading history,” the company continued. It hopes that the situation will improve “soon” and that trading can resume.

The Finnish head of state said on Thursday that Finland should “immediately” apply for NATO membership in view of the Russian military operation in Ukraine. After decades of military alliance neutrality, this is a fundamental change of direction in defense policy for Helsinki.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov then said that Russia would “definitely” see Finnish membership in the western military alliance as a threat. The Russian Foreign Ministry said Moscow felt compelled to respond “militarily, technically and in other ways.”


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