Russian Sputnik V vaccine will soon be single-dose

Sputnik V has already submitted the urgent registration request in Russia and other countries of your vaccine of a single dose Sputnik Light “, informed the producers today in the official account of the drug of Twitter and added that” it goes out to the world in March.

Moscow authorities reported on the eve of the start of the third phase of clinical trials of this drug.

Unlike Centro Gamaleya’s Sputnik V, which requires two injections with a 21-day hiatus, Sputnik Light consists of a single dose.

The director of Gamaleya, Alexandr Gintsburg, explained that the safety of the single-dose vaccine is “proven”, but its efficacy for use among the elderly has yet to be studied.

In your opinion, Sputnik Light will serve to reduce mortality in situations where it is impossible to inoculate both doses necessary to boost immunity.

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented the “Sputnik Light” in mid-December at the annual press conference, the efficiency of which he estimated at 85%.

Sputnik V: Russia announces changes to its vaccine

The president of the Russia Direct Investment Fund (FIDR), Kiril Dmitriev, explained that Sputnik Light is aimed at the foreign market and “can become a temporary and effective solution for many countries that are at the peak of the disease and want to save as many lives as possible.

In Russia the number of new infections maintains its gradual downward trend, during the last 24 hours 11,359 cases were detected.

According to health authorities, 379 patients died.

Moscow continues to be the main focus of the pandemic in the country, with 1,737 new cases during the last day.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Russia has detected 4,246,079 cases, of which 86,122 ended in deaths.



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