Russia’s deaths hit a new one-day high, the capital will implement epidemic prevention measures next week-8world

Russia’s recent COVID-19 confirmed cases have surged. Moscow Mayor Sobyanin announced that from next Monday (25th), epidemic prevention measures will be implemented in the capital for a period of one month.

Sobyanin ordered that working people over the age of 60 who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus should work from home and extend the mandatory vaccination measures for service industry employees.

In addition, the Russian government proposes to close the workplace for a week early next month to curb the further spread of coronavirus.

Russia has added 1,015 deaths from coronary disease in the past 24 hours, a record high in a single day. The cumulative number of deaths reached 223,325, the largest number of deaths in Europe.

There were also 33,740 new cases in the local area, and the cumulative number of cases reached more than 8 million.

There have been 8 million cases of coronary disease in Russia, and more than 5% of the country’s population has been infected. The epidemic has not eased, and some regions of Russia have begun to limit the number of attendance at large-scale public events, as well as the passenger capacity of theaters and restaurants.

In Volgograd, which has the most cases, the local government prohibits unvaccinated people from entering sports and cultural venues. The vaccination rate in this area is only 36%. The capital of Moscow has added rapid antigen testing centers in lively public places such as shopping malls.

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