“Russia’s Hatsune Miku” is “disgusted” and “doesn’t want to see” slander Responds to criticism of Japanese-style makeup: J-CAST News[Full text]

Popular cosplayer Saya Scarlet, dubbed “Russia’s Hatsune Miku,” revealed on Twitter that she’s been criticized for wearing Japanese-style makeup.

  • From Saya Scarlet’s Instagram

  • From Saya Scarlet's Instagram

“Do Japanese people really feel uncomfortable when they see my face and makeup?”

Saya is a cosplayer living in Russia with about 199,000 Twitter followers. In 2017, when she was featured in the popular variety show “Why did you go to Japan?” (TV Tokyo), she appeared in “Hatsune Miku” cosplay and became a hot topic. She is currently focusing on distribution activities in order to move to Japan.

On Twitter on October 9, 2022 Japan time, he asked, “Do Japanese people really feel uncomfortable when they see my face and makeup?” He is said to have been criticized by people in the English-speaking world for “Asian fishing” and for appropriating culture. “Asian fishing” is used in a critical context on social media when non-Asian people wear Asian make-up and clothes.

On the 10th, he translated and introduced the comments on the video posted on TikTok, saying, “I want to show you the comments from overseas.” According to this post, it is said that criticism such as “many Japanese people are uncomfortable” has been received, and Saya said, “I’m sick of this and I’m shaking. I don’t want to see it.” .

In Saya’s video, some people said in English, “If you keep pretending to be Asian, experience the oppression that Asians face.” Many Japanese comments such as “I’ll be waiting for you in Japan!”

On Twitter, she said, “I feel that you always love and respect Japan and Japanese culture.” One voice after another.

In response to these voices, Saya posted on the 11th, “I’m sorry for writing a lot of painful things today. I hope everyone is okay with this. I will ignore the rude comments and do my best.”

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