Russia’s losses in the Ukraine war are said to have “surprised” Putin

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Von: Vincent Bussow

Ukraine inflicts heavy casualties on Russia. Ukraine releases the latest figures on Russian casualties. The news ticker.

  • mood picture: According to the British secret service, approval for the Ukraine war is falling in Russia.
  • Gegenoffensive: Ukraine reports the downing of a Russian SU-25 fighter jet.
  • Editor’s note: Read the latest developments in Ukraine conflict in our news ticker. The information processed here Ukraine war come partly from the warring parties Russia and the Ukraine. They can therefore not be independently checked in part.

+++ 3:21 p.m.: According to the British Defense Ministry, Putin has also suffered losses in terms of Russia’s support for the Ukraine war. As the authority reported on Twitter on Sunday, several surveys came to the conclusion that the majority of the Russian population now rejects the so-called special military operation.

Parts of the data are said to have been collected by the government in Moscow itself and published involuntarily. As a result, 55 percent of people in Russia are in favor of peace talks with Ukraine. Only 25 percent say they support the conflict.

According to the British Ministry of Defence, support for the Ukraine war in Russia is falling. (Archive image) © Uncredited/AFP

Russia’s losses in the Ukraine war: new figures are published

+++ 11.58 a.m.: Ukrainian combat forces have released new estimates of Russia’s combat casualties. According to this, another 550 soldiers died on Saturday (December 3). A total of 91,150 Russian soldiers lost their lives in the Ukraine war. In addition, five tanks and thirteen other vehicles and one plane (see update from 10.40 a.m.) were destroyed on Saturday.

  • Soldiers: 91,150 (+550 on the previous day)
  • planes: 281 (+1)
  • Helicopter: 263 (+0)
  • Panzer: 2922 (+5)
  • Armored Fighting Vehicles: 5892 (+6)
  • Artilleriesysteme: 1908 (+2)
  • Air defense systems: 210 (+0)
  • Multiple Rocket Launcher: 395 (+0)
  • Cars and other vehicles: 4479 (+7)
  • Ships: 16 (+0)
  • Unmanned Combat Drones: 1573 (+1)

Russia’s Ukraine War Losses: Over 90,000 Soldiers Fallen

Update from 10.40 a.m.: According to the Ukrainian General Staff, Russia continued to suffer heavy casualties. As the military leadership wrote on Facebook on Sunday morning, more than 230 dead Russian soldiers were taken to hospitals in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions between November 28 and 30. Last day, Ukrainian troops are said to have shot down a SU-25 fighter jet and carried out 31 attacks on Russian positions. Attacks by Russia at 17 different locations, however, were repelled.

First report from Sunday (December 4th), 9:13 a.m.: Kyiv/Moscow Kyiv – The Russian military still cannot report any major territorial gains in the Ukraine war. On the contrary: the loss of the strategically important port city of Cherson weighs heavily. Every day, more and more soldiers are dying in the service of Russia.

According to the latest figures published by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the Russian army has already lost more than 90,000 soldiers since the beginning of the war. Accordingly, Russia is said to have lost hundreds of units and many war equipment such as tanks every day.

Losses for Russia in the Ukraine war: Putin is “surprised”

Also about the Lack of ammunition on the part of Russia there are always reports. The portal only reported on Sunday (December 4th). NBC News such, citing US Intelligence Director Avril Haines. The government official said that Putin’s troops are using up their ammunition faster than they can replace it. This is becoming a “challenge” for Russia, Haines said.

The intelligence director went on to say that Wladimir Putin “Surprised” by his military’s disappointing performance after invading Ukraine in February. “I believe that he is becoming more informed about the challenges faced by the military in Russia. But it doesn’t look to us like he has a full picture of how big the challenges are at this stage,” Haines said. (vbu with agencies)

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