Ruud van der Velden now definitively chairman of the Party for the Animals | NOW

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Ruud van der Velden was elected chairman of the Party for the Animals on Sunday. More than seven hundred members of the party voted for Van der Velden.

Van der Velden, general board member and group chairman in the city council of Rotterdam, was already interim chairman of the party and was the only candidate for the position on Sunday.

He thereby officially succeeds the former party chairman Sebastiaan Wolswinkel, who was disbarred by the party in October. Wolswinkel allegedly systematically ignored board decisions and harmed the party by, among other things, expressing his personal views in the media.

Esther Ouwehand will become party leader for the parliamentary elections in March. She still has to be officially appointed by the party during the Congress in November. So far, there are no counter-candidates.



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