S.Ball issued a statement rejecting “War Elephant U19” for a bit.

According to the news that Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Company Limited As an official sponsor of the Football Association of Thailand want to come in and support and take care of the army.”war elephant“Thai national team, under 19 years old, who are preparing to compete in the ASEAN Championship “2022 AFF U-19 Youth Championship” Between 2-15 July in Indonesia

latest Patit Suphaphong, Secretary General of the Football Association Said that this support, Bitkub wants to add to the matter of sports technology or Sport technology, such as collecting various statistics in training and competition, and most importantly, Bitkub will take care of such matters for the Thai national team. every set It’s not just the age of 19.

Bit Have an interest in sports, especially football as well as being a technology company It would be good for both parties to come in and help reinforce the strengths of this company. And it is the starting point for the development of Thai sports technology to other sports as well. Because in Thailand still doing sports technology in a limited area. And it is an import of technology that is difficult to access. Starting at the age of 19 years old should be appropriate. It is a youth-level version that has information in the initial association database to be able to continue.

As for the news that Bitkub will restructure or manage the U-19 team It probably didn’t happen that way. The youth structure of the association that the technical chairman has been operating There is a team of trainers and athletes who are constantly prepared. Thai national team, age 19 years has gathered teams and trained together with a practice that has been accumulated and understood for at least three years and is entering important regional and continental competitions next month,” said the Football Association’s secretary-general.

for the list”Thai national team U19The 23 cases are as follows:

1. Mr. Olakson A. Tamba

2. Mr. Tawatchai Inprakhon

3. Mr. Phumworapol Wannabutr

4. Mr. Thanawat Saiphet

5. Mr. Winai Iam-Od

6. Mr. Seksan Ratri

7. Mr. Chompat Boonlert

8. Mr. Phait Praphan

9. Mr. Bukkharee Lamdee

10. Mr. Kasidit Kalasin

11. Mr. Sattawat Leela

12. Mr. Krirkpol Abram

13. Mr. Siraset Ekpratumchai

14. Mr. Patipanachai Phothep

15. General Maneekorn

16. Mr. Waris Choothong

17. Mr. Channapat Buaphan

18. Mr. Sittha Boonla

19. Mr. Thanawut Phochai

20. Mr. Teekawin Chansri

21. Mr. Nipitphon Wongpanya

22. Mr. Kakana Kamyok

23. Mr. Nathan James

however “war elephant“U-19 years in battle “ASEAN Championship 2022” In Group A with hosts Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei and the Philippines, while Group B has runners-up Malaysia, Lao PDR, Timor Leste, Cambodia, Singapore, and Australia, the former champion, who won the most championships with “Thai national team” is 5 times, did not send the team to participate in this competition.

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