Saab Mansion occupants remove furniture: SAE denies looting

After social media and various media outlets alerted to alleged looting of the manor of the man from Barranquilla, Alex Saab, arrested in Cape Verde (Africa) for alleged money laundering; the Special Assets Society (SAE) ruled in this regard, ensuring that it is the work of the occupants of the house, who are removing their belongings.

“At this time, the occupants of the house are making the removal of furniture and belongings on which there is no precautionary measure and should not be at the time of receipt of the property,” SAE said in a press release.

The entity recalled that on Wednesday, July 22, 2020, the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation carried out kidnapping proceedings on seven luxurious assets, valued at more than $ 35,000 million, which are part of the assets of Alex Naím Saab Morán, acquired through some of their companies.

Among the affected properties is a 3,740 square meter mansion – located on Carrera 59 No. 84-73 -, preliminarily valued at $ 28,000 million, from which, as seen in photographs, trucks loaded with furniture and other valuable items.

“During the kidnapping process, the precautionary measure was imposed on the immovable property (house), but not on the furniture and belongings of the people who were occupying the property at the time of the procedure,” said the SAE, clarifying that it is considered maximum delivery date of the property without furniture and fixtures on Friday, July 31.

Likewise, SAE reported that, in order to safeguard the state of preservation of the property, the Regional North has had a permanent private security service on site, which will remain until its rental or marketing is achieved.


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