Saad Al-Saghir withdraws from the fortune-teller on the air … this video contains another

11:18 PM

Tuesday 27 April 2021

I wrote – Manal Al-Jyoushi:

The popular singer Saad Al-Soghair withdrew on the air during his interview with Basma Wahba, the media, on the “Al-Asrafa” program broadcast on the “axis” screen.

Saad Al-Saghir refused to show one of the videos during the “Divination” program, saying: “This is ruined .. it’s all com and the video da com .. you will ruin my future.”

The popular singer reacted, saying to Basma Wahba: “Forbidden for you, I have children .. I am walking and do not want anything .. This is the destruction of homes.”

Saad Al-Saghir answered Basma Wahba’s question, “You have one thing, not one,” saying: “I live in my life with one Bush, and in front of my wife, Bushen.”

Saad Al-Soghair stated that he is an active member of the Actors Syndicate, adding: “I know I am rich … and I took the Karneh with the prayers of the parents.”


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