Saarland: Corona outbreak at the wedding – 230 guests have to be in quarantine

Time and again, private celebrations are the trigger for corona outbreaks. This now also applies to a wedding celebration in Großrosseln in Saarland. As the “Image” reported, 230 guests will have to be quarantined there until October 25. According to the newspaper, the corona case was first noticed a week later, last Friday.

According to the hall operator where the celebration took place, the hygiene rules are said to have been complied with, reports the newspaper.

Corona outbreak at a wedding in Saarland: 230 guests have to be in quarantine

“The cooperation with the organizer is going very well. An accommodation list was given to the health department. When telephoning the contact persons, it became clear that the vast majority of the guests had already been informed by the wedding couple and already knew about it, ”said Lars Weber, press spokesman for the Saarbrücken regional association, in“ Bild ”.

According to the Corona regulations in force at the time, the number of guests was allowed, even up to 450 people would have been allowed in closed rooms in Saarland at that time.

Because of the increasing number of infections, since Sunday only ten people have been allowed to attend private parties in Saarland.

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