Sabina Frederic on those who leave due to insecurity: “Switzerland is calmer, but also more boring”

Sabina Frederic He referred this Sunday to the tragic entry that took place in the Buenos Aires town of Ituzaingó where a retiree killed a thief who entered his home to rob him and then died of a gunshot in the abdomen, and criticized the judicial action regarding the murdered criminal who had been released from prison days ago.

“Nobody wants that to happen, we are working for that. The cooperation of the judicial system is needed, that it does not have the elements to process a sanction. They were very young boys. The question of foreignness is not decisive, Argentines are the majority of those who commit crimes. You never fully understand what obstacles the Justice has to impose a sanction, “he said in radio statements.

The Minister of Security also said that it is necessary to see that she does not believe in guarantees or a strong hand as options to resolve the issue of insecurity. “Things don’t work that way. There are many poor young people detained in prisons. The prison system is saturated, there are detainees in the police stations, that is why many times the Justice makes these decisions, ”he analyzed. Miter radio.

Along these lines, he stated: “The one who steals is worth a shame, you have to interrogate the penal system, which cannot cope, that alarms us all. Meanwhile, the policy of our government is to do the impossible to give opportunities so that the kids do not go out to steal ”.

And she appealed to a controversial expression when asked if one had to emigrate from the country to stop feeling fear or suffering acts of insecurity. “Switzerland is quieter, but more boring. You have to try to make this country the best it can be. I still live in Temperley, I have custody, but I do know about fear. I didn’t have a car because it was a risk factor. “

The Minister of Security, Sabina Frederic. (Photo: Télam / Lara Sartor).

Lost his temper

Frederic also referred to the controversy over the teacher who mistreated his students and he tried to shout his partisan evaluation on the governments of Alberto Fernández and Mauricio Macri.

“I am also a teacher. I think there is a problem in relation to the tone of the debate. It seems to me that he lost his temper, that the debate could have been carried out as a debate, as an exchange, as a student expressing their opinion and a teacher doing the same. She, with her ideas that are legitimate, lost her composure. It is very difficult, thus, to convey arguments. The student was calm, she was not, “he said.

And he added: “If it had been more persuasive, it would have allowed the student to argue, and would have explained why he was raising what he was proposing, it would have been an interesting debate. But my only criticism is the tone. If I had been calmer, it would have been even easier to argue and argue ”.


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