Sachisar cried on hearing the song, I also cried: Nanchiamma

Thrissur: Tribal singer Nanchiamma said that the song that came out of Sachi’s film was a song she sang saying, “If you like it, just take it, if you don’t, don’t.” It’s not a written song, it’s a song from the heart. “Daughter of God” is a song for children. That was the first song. When he asked if there was any more song, he also sang the song “Kalakatha Santhanameram”. Our language has no script. Every line was memorized and sung. I cried when I walked out of the studio singing ‘Daughter of God’. Sachi also cried. The children who came with me also cried. Nanchiamma said that it is a song that makes you cry whenever you sing it. She had come to participate in Thrissur Press Club’s ‘Meet the Press’.
We sing while working and tending the cow. Now many people are calling to sing. They do not ask for any reward. There is no cultivation in Attapadi now. My place was also encroached upon. The case is in court. If it is allowed to cultivate in other places, pigs and elephants will come and destroy it. On the way to Thrissur, there was an elephant on the way. The journey continued after the elephant left. I want to do farming. It will be done if the government provides the facility. Nanchiamma said, “Even if the pig and the elephant are left behind, the encroachers are standing in the way.”
Job security is now the source of income for Attapadi. My children and relatives live by going to work. You will get ration of 30 kg per month. However, that was not the case. Buy things from the shop. Funds should be found for the costs of the case. Attapadi is a land problem. All the relatives died before the cases were decided. My husband also died. Now the case is being prosecuted by women. I got the land from my grandfather. A person came saying that I have reached it. She added that the case is in the court and now the matter will be presented before the ministers.

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